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Parliamentary Committee instructs amendment of LNG project to comply with carbon neutralisation tools

Mariyam Malsa
20 January 2021, MVT 14:18
Tuesday's session held by the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Climate Change. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Mariyam Malsa
20 January 2021, MVT 14:18

The Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Climate Change, on Tuesday, decided to amend the project to establish a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) station in Maldives to align with government intentions to reach nationwide carbon neutrality.

Attended by representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Environment, State Electric Company (STELCO), Fenaka Corporation Limited and other stakeholders, the meeting was intended to discuss the extent to which the LNG project was compatible with plans to achieve carbon neutralisation by the year 2030.

During his address at the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit in December 2020, President Ibrahim Solih declared that Maldives could achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 with international support and assistance.

Speaking at the session, Environment Ministry Director Ahmed Ali stated that the LNG station project was included in the roadmap compiled by ADB and the environment ministry before the government announced intentions of setting a net zero carbon neutralisation goal.

Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the LNG station in Maldives is scheduled to receive supplies from the LNG station being developed in neighboring Sri Lanka with assistance from the bank.

He added that ADB's roadmap entailed a 50 percent emissions reduction, complying with the previous state aim to cut down emissions by 24 percent by 2030.

Although the incumbent has made various pledges to tackle imminent threats to the environment, local NGOs, movements and advocates have accused the government of failing to 'walk the talk' and live up to electoral pledges made with respect to sustainable development and halting environmental degradation.