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"Name and Shame" list properties seek solution

Mohamed Rehan
04 August 2022, MVT 20:18
Mohamed Rehan
04 August 2022, MVT 20:18

A total of 12 tourist properties included in the "name and shame" list of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) have begun discussions with Ministry of Tourism.

The properties began discussions with the state body in hopes of seeking solutions for outstanding rent payments.

MIRA has thus, halted the next course of action against the properties owing to their ongoing discussions with the ministry. The taxation authority in accordance to standard of procedure, will disclose the names of the said properties on their website upon failure to comply in settling debts.

Earlier, the taxation authority had disclosed the property details on its taxpayers service center. Since then, 60 days elapsed while none of the properties begun repaying their respective outstanding debts.

MIRA regulations state, the details of debtors will be announced at the service center. If debtors fail to settle outstanding payments 15 days since the date of publication of their details, they will be publicized on the website.

Failure to settle debts within 15 days from the date of publication of debtor details on the website, the details will then be shared on the national gazette.

While MIRA can make claims for outstanding debts, Ministry of Tourism have the authority to press legal charges against debtors, if and when necessary.

The 12 properties must settle a collective rent payment of MVR665 million. MIRA published details of the properties earlier on May 2022.

The properties include;

1. Hondaafushi - Abdulla Ali (AAA)

2. Filitheyo Island Resort - AAA Trading Company

3. Kihaa Maldives - Athama Marine International Private Limited

4. Brennia Kottafaru - ABN Private Limited

5. Rahaa Resort - Heavy Load Maldives Private Limited

6. JW Marriott Resort - Bonfree Private Limited

7. Medhufushi Island Resort - Medhufushi Investment Private Limited

8. Eriadhoo Island Resort - Platinum Capital Holding Private Limited

9. South Palm Resort - South Palm Maldives

10. Coco Palm Dhunikolhu - Sunland Hotels Private Limited

11. Makunudhoo Island Resort - Sunland Hotels Private Limited

12. Drift Theluviga Retreat - Theluviga Retreat Private Limited

Publicized debtors that present tax statements within the period for compliance, will have their details removed from the "name and shame" list.

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