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Jaisha and Saaid: National Championship's best athletes

Malika Shahid
25 September 2022, MVT 11:47
Jaisha with the "best Athlete" trophy and other medals won during the tournament -- photo: Nishan Ali
Malika Shahid
25 September 2022, MVT 11:47

Distance runner Aminath Jaisha Juneez and sprint runner Hassan Saaid wins the best athlete awards of the national championship.

Saaid, who won the Association Cup last month, has maintained his position in the national championship in 2021.

Saaid has competed in three individual categories and two relay events in addition to participating in the Dhivehi Sifainge Club. Saaid won gold in all categories, bringing his total win to five gold medals.

The South Asian sprint racer has competed in the 100m, 200m and 400m national championships as well as the 400m, 100m and 4x400 relays.

Hassan Saaid (L) accepting the "Best Athlete" trophy; He has won five gold medals during the tournament -- Photo: Nishan Ali

It has always been difficult for distance runners to win the "number one athlete", But Jaisha, who won the best athlete in the Grand Prix last year, won the best athlete in the national tournament for the first time.

In addition to the three distance categories, Jaisha represented the track and field team in the women's 4x100m event. He won gold medals in three individual races. She won the silver medal in the relay.

In the distance races, Jaisha won the 5,000m, 1,500m and 800m. She won the 5000m with a national record. Jaisha broke the 2019 Indian Ocean Island Games record set by Mariyam Abdul Kareem (Mary) on Thursday with a time of 19 minutes and 43.09 seconds. Mariyam had set the record in 20 minutes and 10.30 seconds.

In the men's division, Dhvehi Sifainge Club was named the best club and Track and Field won the best club in the women's division.