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HDC cautions beach-goers over jellyfish infestation

Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 08:25
The "blue bottle" jellyfish found across Hulhumale' beaches--
Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 08:25

A dangerous type of jellyfish infestation across Hulhumale' beaches have led to Housing Development Corporation (HDC) cautioning residents of the satellite town.

Identified as "blue bottle" jellyfish, these creatures are neither lethal nor poisonous, however, they cause severe rash on the skin if come in contact. Apart from skin rashes, parts of the body where the jellyfish come into contact will ache with numbing effect.

The creatures are discovered in abundance across the beaches in Hulhumale' Phase II, while they are frequently spotted across the beaches Phase I as well.

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