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Maldives resorts with the best house reefs

Mohamed Rehan
02 December 2021, MVT 10:28
Lily Beach Resort and Spa: the resort's house reef edge lies about 10 to 20 meters from the beach of Lily Beach and is home to a pantheon of corals -- Photo: Lily Beach Resort and Spa website
Mohamed Rehan
02 December 2021, MVT 10:28

Let's agree to one thing before we get started – a trip to the Maldives will never be fully complete unless you take a dip under sparkling turquoise waters and spend some time marveling at authentic, pristine and mesmerizing sights of the marine life at its full glory.

Many who visit the island nation have made it a habit to make at least one snorkeling trip to the house reef of the respective hotels they check into, before flying back home. The reasons are numerous; from vibrant and colorful corals to beautiful underwater fauna and their rich textures, from the uncorrupted livelihoods of the underwater wild to the observation of some of the rarest creatures found in the world. And of course, whale sharks!

Here are some of the resorts and hotel properties blessed with beautiful house reefs waiting for you to explore;

Robinson Club Maldives

This adults-only, all-inclusive luxury four-star resort offers a total of 121 beach, garden and over-water villas.

One of the best and most stand-out qualities of this beautiful island is actually discovered when you step a bit further out from the shores; yes, the house reef is a rare and beautiful sight. Some have described the experience paralleling it to that of visiting a rich and large-scale aquarium. It will be hard for you to miss the lazily cruising reef sharks, turtles, rays and even the occasional dolphins who drop by for some fun

Lily Beach Resort and Spa

The five-star all-inclusive resort is ideal as a romantic avenue as well as a hotspot for family holidays. The house reef edge lies about 10 to 20 meters from the beach of Lily Beach and is home to a pantheon of corals ranging from branching-corals to table-corals and anemones as well.

Moreover, the reef attracts a wide range of fish that have made it their home – including the Meyer's Butterflyfish.

Amari Havodda

The secluded luxury resort situated in southern Maldives comes with a splendid house reef, all thanks to the area being one of the most untouched spots in the country. The house reef is complemented handsomely by an equally beautiful and vast lagoon.

This place is home to gentle drifters like turtles and busy schools of clownfish, Moorish idols and a whole bunch of other vibrant types of fish as well.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives

Obviously, there would be a reason why the resort was once voted as 'The Most Instagrammable Hotel' in the world. The appeal of nature is not only exclusive to in-land but extends to the vast lagoon surrounding this slip as well as the rich house reef.

The house reef at Anantara Kihavah becomes iconic due to a hauntingly memorable and exciting abyss by the reef trench with overhangs and caves among other sights found only when you take a tour below the sea level.

Dusit Thani Maldives

Arguably, one of the richest marine life filled house reefs you can ever come across in a Maldivian resort; and Dusit Thani Maldives is its proud recipient.

This beautiful resort lies in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve located in Baa Atoll (central Maldives), and due to the area possessing naturally warmer waters, is abundant with a magnitude of underwater creatures. The house reef is iconic for spotting giant Manta Rays as they glide past you like some spaceships, but of course, under the blue!

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