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Canareef Resort in Addu reopened after two years

Lamya Abdulla
16 January 2022, MVT 10:50
Aerial photo of Canareef Resort -- Photo: Canareef Resort
Lamya Abdulla
16 January 2022, MVT 10:50

Canareef Resort, which was closed in Addu city two years ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resumed operations on Saturday.

In a statement, the resort said that 140 of the resort's 142 rooms have been booked by resort life and thanked the company for its support and assistance in bringing them back into operation. Canareef said that they received assistance from the government and Addu City Council in order to reopen the resort.

The resort was reopened after repairing the damages the property received after they closed operations in June 2020. This is the first resort opened in Addu, and it was opened in 2007 with the name Herethera Island Resort.

Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa, the other high-end resort closed in Addu city due to the Covid-19 pandemic, still remain closed.

Although Canareef and Shangri-La were closed due to the pandemic, the South Palm, which was developed for the third time in Addu city in 2018, has been continuously operational.

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