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Two arrested for kidnapping and robbery

Police are investigating a kidnapping case in Malé, and two individuals were arrested in connection to the case - one female and one male.

Ameera Osmanagic
27 May 2024, MVT 07:55
[File] Criminal Court of Maldives -- Photo: Mihaaru
Ameera Osmanagic
27 May 2024, MVT 07:55

Authorities have arrested two individuals from Malé in connection to a kidnapping and robbery case.

The two arrested are a 39 year old local woman and a 40 year old male, both who belong to the same island, it has been revealed.

The pair were presented to the Criminal Court today for a remand hearing, where the woman was ordered to be held for 10 days while the man got a 15 day remand order.

In court, police said that the woman was arrested from Hoagulhaa Manzil in Henveiru ward of Malé City, the location where the victim was being held captive, while she was coming down the stairs from one of the floors.

The court order further detailed that the man was also arrested in the vicinity of the same building, and that officers found sticks and wood in the place where the victim was held.

Based on the statements and evidence, the court ordered that the crime was committed by multiple individuals in collusion and there is a chance of evidence tampering if the two individuals are released.

As authorities investigate this case, another kidnapping case came to light just a few day ago, where a Nepalese man was held captive in a guest house on the road adjacent to the grocery store, VB Mart. The victim has since been freed.

In addition to this, police are also investigating cases of old persons being lured under false pretences into a flat in Hulhumalé Phase 2, where they are kidnapped and forced to give up their money under duress.

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