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Dr. Muizzu assures fully operational state from day one

Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2023, MVT 11:11
Dr. Mohamed Muizzu holds first public meeting following his presidential election victory last Saturday-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2023, MVT 11:11

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has assured his government will be fully operational from the date of his swearing in.

Dr. Muizzu made the declaration at the rally held at Social Center to celebrate his presidential election victory.

At the ceremony, he said that his government will be promptly operational from day one to ensure expedited national development.

Dr. Muizzu said that his team will be working diligently during the one-and-a-half-month transitional period. They are expected to visit state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to gather data, information, and monitor their operations.

Dr. Muizzu hoped full cooperation from these companies without obscuring any agreements or documents crucial for the team to make assessments.

He further said that the outgoing president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had assured him of the current government's cooperation.

"When we conclude our tasks in the following one and half months, we will be ready when we officially begin our work [from November 17]," Dr. Muizzu said.

Assurance to fulfill campaign pledges

The main pledge of Dr. Muizzu during his presidential campaigning was housing solution, which he reiterated at the ceremony and said he said was 100 percent attainable.

"God willing, housing will be guaranteed for approximately 65,000 citizens including Fushidhiggaru lagoon, Gulhifalhu, and Giraavaru lagoon. We will conclude land reclamation for this mega project during early 2024," Dr. Muizzu said.

He pledged to reclaim the areas within six to 12 months from the date he assumes office.

The president-elect promised housing solutions for everyone without any discrimination.

Dr. Muizzu further highlighted that all the pledges for urban development will proceed accordingly.

"We will form a diligent team to fulfill the pledges. Our cabinet will includeeducated and energetic professionals capable of handling the tasks. They will work around the clock, and we will be reachable all the time," Dr. Muizzu said.

He also shared his concern noting that the number of SOEs has risen above 50, while the majority of them operated in losses.

Dr. Muizzu revealed his plan to merge some of the SOEs with larger profitable ones and streamline their operations.

While assuring that he will appoint capable individuals to manage SOEs, Dr. Muizzu said, "I will be appointing people I trust to these positions, individuals who will follow my instructions. My word will be final, and they will comply," the president-elect said.

He also assured that unlike the incumbent government, his administration's powers will not be vested in the hands of powerful individuals who commandeer the state.

Dr. Muizzu said there will not be "powerful people" to pass orders to him, and assured that the government will be run by the people.