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Was not over-reliant on any one country - our foreign policy was the best: President Solih

03 October 2023, MVT 15:54
Indian PM Narendra Modi with outgoing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih--
03 October 2023, MVT 15:54

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said that the foreign policy of the current government was superior to that of previous administrations. He said that this policy did not involve an excessive reliance on any single country.

During the press conference held at the President's Office yesterday after his defeat during Saturday's election, president Solih responded to questions aimed at him about agreements with India, and the serious concerns expressed due to the close relations of the current government with India. The president said that the current government had established diplomatic relations with many countries.

President Solih highlighted that the Maldives had participated at the highest levels in international agencies such as the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

"I believe our foreign policy was the best policy so far," said President Solih, noting that the opinion of the Maldives is sought in international decisions related to the environment.

The President meeting the media after the presidential election. Photo: The President's Office

Addressing the suspicions about the government's links with India, president Solih said that the helicopters and Dornier airplane gifted by the Indian government had been inherited from agreements made by previous governments.

He said that there was nothing hidden regarding this matter and that the aim of maintaining close ties with neighboring countries, including India, was to ensure the safety and security of the Indian Ocean region.

He said that these efforts have to be continued by the next government and assured that his government had not been overly dependent on any one country.

"We were not overly dependent," said president Solih.

The president said that when the incoming government examines the agreements after assuming power on November 17, it will become evident that there has been no wrongdoing or hidden aspects.

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