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Discontent with change in retirement rule for education workers

Malika Shahid
25 September 2022, MVT 20:38
Teachers participate in a ceremony held at Iskandhar School last year to celebrate Teachers' Day; Dissatisfaction regarding change in retirement regulation of education employees -- Photo: Fayaaz Moosa
Malika Shahid
25 September 2022, MVT 20:38

The education sector has expressed concern over the change in the regulations for retiring employees.

While the government has increased the salaries of teachers, principals and education officers from May, many people preparing to retire are complaining about the Pay Commission's criteria for payment of allowance on retirement from public service.

A concerned individual said that after retiring voluntarily at the age of 55, they would be paid in lump sum and monthly according to the duration of their service. However, those who retire after the October 31 will only receive lump sums, but their monthly allowance will concur according to their basic salary .

"Retirees used to get monthly allowance deposits. But the government has given six months to decide on this. Meaning, only those who retire before October 31 will then get monthly allowance along with lump sum pension," an education professional said.

He said laws and regulations should not be retroactive.

“We think those employees who are now 55 years of age should be exempt from this framework and if they cannot be given that opportunity, there should be a reasonable period for them to adapt to the rule or procedure,” he said.

He also mentioned that while they had other job opportunities, they did not hesitate to serve the education sector.

Another individual said that he did not believe that giving a six month period was the most appropriate to implement such a regulation.

The latest amendment to the Civil Service regulation states that voluntary retirees will be paid benefits at the age of 55 in accordance with the National Pay Commission's "Standard for Payment of Allowance on Leaving Employment"

A petition to the President expressing concern over the retirement rule is now underway.