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Celebrating female travelers on International Women’s Day

Ruby Amir
08 March 2022, MVT 13:09
Throughout history, women have been noted for their travel crusades in different corners of the world -- Photo: Leah Kelley|Pexels
Ruby Amir
08 March 2022, MVT 13:09

International Women's Day was first observed in 1911 with the goal of highlighting and recognizing the accomplishments of women in various fields while also drawing attention to critical issues such as gender discrimination that still exists today. International Women's Day isn’t just about pampering women for a day; it should be about making the world a better place for all women, collectively.

In the travel sector, women make 80% of decisions yet receive only a smattering of representation. We live in a world that encourages dread of solo travel, makes sweeping generalizations about women's interests, and seems to squeeze all women into predetermined molds created by society. But women around the world have been proving time and again that they are so much more than what is expected of them. ‘Break the bias' is what needs to be heard, and felt.

Throughout history, women have been noted for their travel crusades in different corners of the world. These women may have been the forerunners of female travelers, inspiring women to tour the world, which was, for the most part, dominated by men. They dared to challenge conventional upbringings of their time to make their dream of seeing the world a reality.

Fast forward to the present day, although it is now more common for women to take that first plunge to travel. It is important to celebrate the progress that travel has achieved in supporting women around the world and to assess how far it still has to go, and devise a strategy for getting there. Female advocates for travelling are making it easier for women to embrace travelling alone or with like-minded people.

Celebrations and conversations are taking place on how to create communities where women can support one another in their travel ventures. Online communities offer women the chance to make lifelong travel connections on online platforms as well as at their chosen destinations. The connectivity that is easily grasped in today’s world is vital for encouraging women to break boundaries and to make travel better for women across the globe.