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A divided community leads to loss of Independence: President

Lamya Abdulla
26 July 2021, MVT 15:09
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addressing the nation as Maldives celebrates its 56th Independence Day — Photo: President’s Office
Lamya Abdulla
26 July 2021, MVT 15:09

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said on Monday that a loss of independence in Maldives has always been preceded by a loss of togetherness within the community and dividing amongst ourselves.

Maldives is celebrating its 56th Independence Day today. Addressing the nation, President said the fight for independence by national heroes in the past has always been backed by Maldivian’s refusal to accept anything that may disturb it.

”Every time Maldives lost its independence, it was preceded by the loss of community and dividing amongst ourselves,” President said.

He also addressed the dangers extremism and religious harassment today.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said there are a few people within Maldives that believes Islam allows for people to spill other people’s blood without reason. He said they were also working towards spreading this belief within our community as well. He further stated that anyone that wants to uphold the independence within our country should actively stand against this.

He said taking action against them is not the only solution for this problem. As bringing up people within the tenets of Islam is equally important, he said the government has plans to combat this issue by reforming the education system.

While the President addressed religious conflicts, the public has converse opinions regarding the Anti-Hate Speech Bill in the Parliament at the moment. The bill was submitted in order to criminalize accusing an individual of being a non-muslim or to say they are against Islam as well. However, a lot of the criticism the government received states the bill is against Islam.

The bill has lead to political disagreements between Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Nasheed has stated he can no longer work alongside the President as well.

The Anti-Hate Speech Bill has been resent to the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee.