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Olympus Welcomes the Premiere of 'Free Delivery' with Director Ilyas Waheed

07 November 2023, MVT 07:09
Lead actors in Free Delivery: Aisha, Thaathi and Raufath
07 November 2023, MVT 07:09

Director Ilyas Waheed's inaugural comedy film, 'Free Delivery,' had its grand premiere at the Olympus.

A red carpet event accompanied the film's premiere at the Olympus on Saturday night.

'Free Delivery' marks the first full-length feature from Kazmik International, a production house known for its web series.

Ilyas, typically known for directing thrillers, made a departure from his usual genre to venture into comedy this time, seeking to offer something distinct. The accomplished director, credited with hits like "Bhavathi" and "Neena," expressed his hope for the audience's enjoyment of the film.

"The movie delves into the humorous situations people encounter during deliveries," he explained.

The cast of 'Free Delivery' features actors new to the world of cinema, although they have some experience in web series. The ensemble includes Raufath Sodiq and Aisha Ali, both of whom have prior web series roles, along with Thaathi Adam, a fresh face in acting.

"I had an enjoyable experience working with all three of them. We completed the shoot in approximately 30 days, and each of these actors brings a unique talent to the film," Ilyas remarked.

Ilyas himself crafted the film's story and screenplay. The film's producers include Asim Ali and Amira Ali, in addition to Ilyas.

'Olympus' will host 20 screenings of 'Free Delivery.'

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