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Authorities arrest local scholars and PPM senior over Yoga conflict in Maldives

Mohamed Rehan
23 June 2022, MVT 14:39
Mohamed Ismail, one of the prime suspects of instigating Tuesday's altercation against yoga attendees at Galolhu Football Stadium--
Mohamed Rehan
23 June 2022, MVT 14:39

Local religious scholars Sheikh Adam Nishan and Sheikh Fazloon Mohamed have been arrested by local law enforcement authorities over the yoga conflict on Tuesday morning.

In addition to the religious scholars, authorities had also arrested the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) senior member in its Activity Committee, Mr. Mohamed Ismail in suspected relation to the conflict.

On Tuesday, June 21, morning a group of angry protesters had barged into the premises of Galolhu Football Stadium amid an ongoing yoga session which was organized by the Indian Cultural Center in association with Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment.

Apart from the aforementioned, local authorities had also arrested PPM's Council member Ibrahim Razzaan along with two others.

Sheikh Fazloon has been identified as one of the prime instigators who called for the public to intervene the yoga session on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Maldives Police Service suspect the main opposition party's hand behind the scenes.

The local law enforcement authority alleged that the opposition party endorsed Tuesday's altercation by providing banners, flags and other equipment for the protesters.

However, the party has since denied such allegations.

Meanwhile, a picture of Mr. Ismail handing out the flags and banners used in the protest, to members of the mob has been rotating in social media platforms.

The protests had intensified on Tuesday morning with some of the members in the mob resorting to threatening and intimidating the yoga attendees.

Police claim that the yoga incident which involved prominent foreign persons including ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries, is currently investigated as a top priority.

Though local authorities suspect of the opposition party's involvement, PPM had issued out a statement condemning Tuesday's altercation at the football stadium.

Furthermore, the party claims that the issuance of flags and banners from PPM had no viable connection with Tuesday's incident.

On the other hand, People's National Congress (PNC) President Mr. Abdul Raheem Abdulla - an ally and member of the opposition coalition - alleged that the local law enforcement authorities at the stadium site allowed for the altercation to intensify in a bid to throw the blame on the opposition.

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