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Velidhoo council in pursuit of contractors who will run a 100 unit housing project

Noonu Atoll Velidhoo Council has determined to initiate their 100-unit housing project and is in pursuit of contractors for the cause.

Aishath Shuba Solih
19 February 2024, MVT 14:32
A road in the island of N.Velidhoo
Aishath Shuba Solih
19 February 2024, MVT 14:32

Noonu Atoll Velidhoo Council has decided to commence a 100-unit Social Housing project and announced a search for contractors who are interested in assuming the project.

In addition to this project being the largest project devised by an island council, it is also the first housing project run by an island council.

The island council of Velidhoo island, which has an estimated population of 2,700 people has devised to commence this project in two ways. One is the establishment of 3-4-bedroom rowhouses and the other is the construction of buildings in one of the following manners:

- 100 percent rowhouse constructions

- 100 percent apartment construction

- Construction of 50 percent of rowhouses and 50 percent of apartments

A road in the island of N.Velidhoo

The Velidhoo Council President Athif Hussain stated that this project was planned based on surveys collected on the deliberations of the residents of the island. He shared that the statistics of the surveys had revealed the people’s interest in both these types of housing.

“In order to fulfil all the people’s needs, special attention must be asserted into the progression of this housing project and both these types of housing needs to be established,” the council president said.

Athif remarked that this project will allow specialized housing arrangements for various societal classes. He detailed the inclusion of senior citizens, single youth, newlyweds and individuals who desire to resume residence with their family in this opportunity.

He added that in review of the support to this project, the council has ideas to establish penthouses and luxury apartments in the future as well.

The Velidhoo Council’s announcement requests parties interested in contracting this project to submit their proposals to the council before the 28th of this month.

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