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President Solih meets with Qasim to discuss possible coalition

Lamya Abdulla
14 September 2023, MVT 10:31
President Solih (L) hugs JP's Leader Qasim Ibrahim upon arrival to Sun Island Resort to discuss possible coalitions for the second round of the election --
Lamya Abdulla
14 September 2023, MVT 10:31

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visited Sun Island Resort on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of forming a coalition with Jumhooree Party (JP) leader, Qasim Ibrahim for the second round of the presidential election, scheduled for September 30.

When President Solih arrived at the resort via Villa Air airline, he was welcomed by Qasim. The leadership of both the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and JP will be participating in the discussions between President Solih and Qasim.

Qasim, who received 5,460 votes as the presidential candidate of JP in the first round of voting in the election held last Saturday, has not yet made a decision to form coalitions with any parties.

JP had formed an alliance with the ruling MDP coalition in 2018 to elect President Solih. However, during this year's campaign, Qasim Ibrahim had criticized the current government severely and emphasized the importance of changing the administration.

President Solih had a running mate from JP in the previous election.

In addition to JP, President Solih is holding discussions of a coalition with former President Maumoon Abdul Qayoom’s son Ahmed Faris Maumoon and The Democrats. However, there has been no official decision yet.