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President Solih emphasises community-police relationship

Lamya Abdulla
19 March 2023, MVT 08:21
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at Police Research and Innovation 2023 Conference on March 18, 2023 -- Photo: President's Office
Lamya Abdulla
19 March 2023, MVT 08:21

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Saturday that people's trust in the police institution can only be maintained if they believe it is an organisation formed to serve the people by the people.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Police Research and Innovation 2023 Conference, he said that holistic enforcement of the law relies on the relationship and cooperation between the police and the community.

He stated that the Police Act, which came into force two years ago in 2021, defines the function of the police as working with all stakeholders in society.

"That relationship can only be built by building a strong network with the general public, relevant institutions, students, youth, artisans, and security experts," President Solih said.

He said that in every society, the police force is strengthened by providing services through strong relationships.

While police work is difficult, it is critical to understand how to deal with these problems and act appropriately with time and circumstances while serving the public, he said.

Therefore, he said that he hoped these questions would be answered through the academic studies presented at the conference.

He said that with every new development in technology, there is a social or criminal challenge, and the things that threaten the safety of society and the public are beginning to vary.

He added that is also the reason they were compelled to change the preparedness of the police force and said that priority should be given to the development of the police service to suit the changes. The President highlighted some of the new approaches introduced, such as using body-worn cameras and tasers.

The three-day conference will feature 10 research presentations on police services, as well as academic discussions and debates.

Speaking at the conference, Home Minister Imran Abdulla said that the institution of policing can only be strengthened and improved by conducting academic studies into the matter. Therefore, the President has initiated the process of reforming the police force, knowing the hard work required in the matter, he said.

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