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Fatal car crash in Fuvahmulah kills two

28 February 2021, MVT 09:16
VIctims of the Fuvahmulah accident. PHOTO: MIHAARU
28 February 2021, MVT 09:16

Two people involved in a car crash in Fuvahmulah passed away on Saturday.

According to Police, the incident took place around 1622hrs Naibuthuhthu Magu of Fuvahmulah City's Funaadu ward.

At the time of the accident, two local males a 19-year-old and 24-year old were the only ones in the vehicle. Police confirmed that the driver, a 19-year-old possessed a drivers licence for 'category E vehicles'.

Police revealed via Fuvahmulah Hospital that both victims passed away by the time they were taken to the hospital. The time of death was confirmed to be 1646hrs for the 24-year-old and 1704hrs for the 19-year-old.

Local media reports state that there was a slight delay in taking one of them to the hospital as he was trapped within the car after the accident.

Additionally, media reports noted that the 24-year-old was previously involved in a fatal accident in 2017.