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Addu City citizens' hopes remain unfulfilled despite electing the same MPs for years: Azaan

Criticizing the former government for failing to honor their promises to Addu City, PNC election candidate, Azaan remarked that the people's hopes remain unfulfilled despite electing the same MPs for Addu City seats and declared it is time for a change.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 14:53
The election candidate contesting for the Mid Hithadhoo Constituency under People’s National Congress (PNC)’s ticket, Ahmed Azaan welcoming President Dr Mohamed Muizzu upon his arrival to Addu City.
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 14:53

The election candidate contesting for the Central Hithadhoo Constituency under People’s National Congress (PNC)’s ticket, Ahmed Azaan stated Friday night that the people’s hopes remain unfulfilled despite years of electing the same people for Addu City Constituencies, and asserts that therefore, changes must be brought during this year’s parliamentary elections.

Speaking at the booth event held at Addu City Hithadhoo's high school by the primary party of the government-affiliated coalition, PNC, the journalist Azaan stated that Addu City has not undergone any advancements thus far regardless of appointing the same people for parliament seats.

Citizens of Addu City had always conferred majority of their votes to Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) during each parliamentary election and the Addu City Council is controlled by MDP as well. However, Azaan expressed concerns on failure to develop the city during the former administration despite the government belonging to MDP.

That government had also reiterated that the country will not undergo any development without progressing the City of Addu.

“It has been years since we were hoping for developments after appointing the same people. It has been fifteen years. We are tired, nothing was done,” stated Azaan, highlighting the views of the people of Addu City.

“The people’s hopes were not fulfilled.”

Azaan remarked that the people had not experienced advancement with the super majority conferred to MDP and recalled that the 8000 tourist beds pledged in name of developing the city was also not proceeded. He further emphasized that airplanes do not land from four destinations and resorts were also not opened, referring to additional promises made by the former administration.

Azaan maintained that therefore, the people of Addu has been holding out hope for a positive change.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla and PNC election candidate, Ahmed Azaan in attendance at the campaign ceremony held Friday night in Hithadhoo High School.

Speaking at the event Friday night, all candidates vying for Addu City constituencies under PNC’s ticket declared that there remains no benefit received by Addu City from allowing MDP to hold the majority of the parliament seats for years and entreated the people to make this election an instance of change.

Azaan had further reiterated that his purpose in vying for the Central Hithadhoo seat is not for luxury and comfort and repeatedly assured that his main aim is to bring forth development for the city.

“To achieve the developmental vision of President Muizzu. To bring about the change the Addu City citizens seek together with the government,” Azaan stated, explaining his reasons for contending in this year’s parliamentary elections slated for April 21.

He highlighted that progress can only be achieved in collaboration with the government and announced that therefore, his cooperation will be given to succeed in this aim. He further assured that he will communicate with Ministries for the needs of the people and asserted that he will strive forward even if he has to go to President Dr Mohamed Muizzu directly with a situation.

Azaan emphasized that consequently, this year's parliamentary elections is an important opportunity to shape the development and future of Addu City.

Further criticizing MDP, Azaan stated that casting ballots for a group that attempts to taunt after experiencing defeat in an election cannot be a smart course of action. He maintained that President Muizzu is someone who will fulfil pledges to the weight of gold and implored the people to vote for government affiliated candidates in order to nurture a positive change for Addu City.

While many had attended the ceremony held last night for the people of Hithadhoo City, numerous supporters had also received the President at the Gan International Airport upon his arrival with much applaud.