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Will not deliberately withhold payments for fishermen if means were available: President

The president has assured that the state will not abstain the payments due to the fishermen if it were in possession of a means to deliver what is due. He had implored the fishermen to deliberate and settle on noble methods in approach of this issue.

Aishath Shuba Solih
21 February 2024, MVT 13:36
The people of Gdh. Thinadhoo receiving the President Dr Mohamed Muizzu upon his arrival
Aishath Shuba Solih
21 February 2024, MVT 13:36

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has assured on Tuesday night that the state not will intentionally withhold the fishermen’s dues if it were in possession of the money.

In a meeting held at Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll Thinadhoo to speak with the people, the president addressed the fishermen’s protests ongoing at Kooddoo due to the delayed payments from MIFCO after weighing fish.

Begun last Sunday, the fishermen’s protests demand the expedition of MVR 300 million payments owed to them by the state.

The fishermen had maintained their stance with these protests despite the state’s assurances that the payments will be settled before the upcoming month of Ramadan and the president addressed this, stating that when he had assumed office, the fishing industry was also in a very grave condition with an accumulation of over hundreds of millions of Rufiyaa indebted to the fishermen.

The president stated that an amount of MVR 442 million has been reimbursed to the fishermen during his tenure and that he will continue providing the payments as possible.

The president highlighted that the efforts to settle the fishermen’s payments align with the country’s state of economic downturn and assured that with the efforts made to regulate the economy, the fishermen’s payment are also being distributed.

The people of Gdh. Thinadhoo receiving the President Dr Mohamed Muizzu upon his arrival

President Muizzu also appealed to the fishermen to cease their disagreeable conduct on social media such as the threats to cut off electricity. Highlighting that harming places will only harm the people; the president implored the fishermen to deliberate and settle on a wiser path.

“With God’s will, the payments owed to the fishermen will also begin being settled. In this situation, I implore the fishermen to maintain faith in this. We are by no means deliberately withholding money that we are in possession of. Such conduct does not befit me,” he stated.

The president acknowledged that he agrees with the fishermen’s protests at Kooddoo. He, however, outlined that this conduct will not pave the way for the development of the entire country.

“Therefore, I implore [the fishermen] to further discuss this. I am also prepared to meet anyone who wants to see me. I am prepared to discuss, be it tonight or tomorrow. Therefore, things can only be resolved by discussing, speaking and resuming conduct in a virtuous manner.”

Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources Ahmed Shiyam had travelled to Kooddoo to personally meet with the protesters and listened to their concerns. He had ensured the fishermen that MVR 100 million, one third of the full payment of MVR 300 million, will be settled before the month of Ramadan. Not satisfied with the offer, the fishermen had decided to continue with the protest. Senior personnel of MIFCO are also presently deliberating this issue at Kooddoo.

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