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No decision for uncontested presidency ticket: MDP

Mohamed Rehan
10 August 2022, MVT 13:20
Mohamed Rehan
10 August 2022, MVT 13:20

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) confirms it has not received any formal application to appoint a presidential candidate without a primary election.

The ruling party is expected to hold its congress in August, where the apparent uncontested presidential candidate will supposedly be announced. However, the party declines any rumors pertaining to it.

Members of the party are expected to ř¨elect the candidate at the congress, to be held from August 19 to 21 at Social Center.

Members aligned with incumbent Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wish to grant a second term of presidency for him. Solih's faction has thus, unanimously called out for an uncontested appointment of the ruling party's candidate for the Presidential Election in 2023.

Meanwhile, members aligned with Parliament Speaker Nasheed, accuses the majority faction was 'gunning' to grant the party's ticket to Solih without a primary.

Nasheed's faction mounted heavy accusations after Solih announced his decision to run for a second term.

During a meeting held on Wednesday, August 10, Deputy Chairperson of the ruling party Ibrahim Rasheed confirmed that the party will discourse on proposed amendments to the party's articles of association.

Rasheed also claims no complaints or issues related to presidency ticket have been lodged, or will be discussed at the congress.

The upcoming congress will have a total of 1,447 members of the ruling party participating in it. This includes parliamentary members, mayors aligned with the party, presidents of the party's various branches.

Some of the amendments proposed for the general regulation include a request to provide legal clarity to discrepancies noticed in the regulation.

The deputy chairperson further affirms that the presidential candidate will be selected exclusively through an in-party primary election, which adheres to the party's regulations as well.

He further claims that the national congress of the ruling party cannot grant presidential candidacy to anyone without a primary.

Other crucial issues that have been put to agenda include discourse over the best suited governance system for the Maldives - a noticeably controversial topic due to the possibility that the argument will further intensify the rivalry between the two leaders of the ruling party.

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