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Permits required from councils to operate spa businesses

30 May 2023, MVT 11:32
A resort spa: The council has been given the power to permit spa businesses in local islands
30 May 2023, MVT 11:32

The Ministry of Economic Development has implemented new regulations regarding the registration of spa businesses in local islands. As per the latest amendment, the registration process will require an additional permit from the city council, which will be further mandated by the council itself, with the exception of tourist guesthouses and hotels in inhabited islands.

To ensure compliance with the guidelines, the Ministry or an agency designated by the Ministry will conduct regular inspections, including routine inspections. As part of this, the inspection fee has been revised from MVR 1,000 to MVR 2,000. Previously under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism monitoring of spa businesses has now been transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development.

The registration form for spa businesses can now be submitted through the online portal available under the Business Activities Registration section on the Ministry of Economic Development's website.

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