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Two people injured in a fire in M. Dhiggaru

Anaan Bushry
08 February 2023, MVT 17:36
The speedboat that caught on fire in M. Dhiggaru harbour on 7th February 2023. Two people were severely injured in the incident --
Anaan Bushry
08 February 2023, MVT 17:36

Two individuals have sustained serious injuries after a speedboat that was docked at Meemu atoll Dhiggaru harbour caught on fire on Wednesday morning.

According to Dhiggaru council president Ahmed Nishan, the fire broke out around 9:50 a.m. whilst preparing to go fishing. The owner of the launch and another person were in the vessel at the time.

The two men onboard were then rushed to the island's health centre. However, as both men had sustained severe injuries, they were sent to Malé at around 11:40 a.m. to be treated at the burn unit in ADK Hospital.

On Wednesday, ADK Hospital's Managing Director Afal Waheed said that one of the individuals are being treated at the high dependency unit for serious burns, while the other person was being treated at the ward.

He did not reveal any further details.

After the incident, Nishan said that one of the men had severely burned his legs; the other man also suffered various injuries, though he did not specify what they were.

The 23-foot speedboat was used for travel within the atoll. Because of the presence of gasoline on board, it was sunk into the sea and has now been lifted and moved. The launch was too damaged in the incident to be used further.

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