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"Deepest Man on Earth" set to come to Maldives

28 September 2022, MVT 10:25
Herbert Nitsch: he is known as the "Deepest Man" and holds the record for the deepest dive
28 September 2022, MVT 10:25

Austrian Free diver Herbert Nitsch better known as the Deepest Man is coming to the Maldives. His esteemed presence is to partake in the world’s largest free dive event Neyva 2. The organizers of the event stated that his participation in the event is proudly received by the entrants and the organizing team.

Self-taught free diver Herbert is a legend in the diving world and owns several world records in the sport. He has done dives all over the world, shattering and setting records in the process.

The Neyva 2 event, which takes place on October 1st, will be included into the Guinness Book of World Records. For the first time ever, a record number of people will hold their breath underwater for two minutes.

The goal of the event, which goes by the tagline "One breath for the Oceans," is to highlight the adverse effects of climate change on marine biodiversity.

In preparation for the event, training has been completed for both the free divers and the "safety buddies" who will serve as lifeguards. The expected attendance is 800 persons.

A similar event of this size was also organized by Free dive last year with 521 participants. At that time, a record was set for the most divers diving simultaneously.

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