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One arrested over attempt to hold an expat for ransom

Shahudha Mohamed
02 May 2019, MVT 19:59
Perpetrators, on Wednesday night, attempted to hold an expatriate for ransom. Maldives Police Service is currently investigating the case. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
02 May 2019, MVT 19:59

Maldives Police Services arrested an individual who held an expatriate hostage on Wednesday night and tried to demand a ransom.

According to Police, the victim was a 29-year-old Bangladeshi male. A Bangladeshi aged 42 was arrested in relation to the kidnapping. Moreover, Police revealed that seven Maldivians were involved as well.

"A foreigner was arrested when he came near Kangaroo Kids school to collect the MVR 40,000 ransom that was demanded from a friend of the hostage", disclosed Police.

Additionally, Police stated that the hostage was found in an alley off Nikagas Magu road, with the aid of information revealed by the culprit upon questioning.

"When details about the case were inquired, it was found that about seven Maldivians took part in the act, physically assaulted the expatriate and stole two mobile phones, a necklace and a set of keys", Police said.

Furthermore, Police revealed that the perpetrators fled the scene when officers reached the area where the hostage was kept. Police are currently investigating the case.

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