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PSM telethon raises MVR 14 million, window for online transfers now extended

Citing difficulties in making online transfers after 18:00 hrs yesterday, PSM has extended the window to make online transfers for the telethon held yesterday. PSM said that the telethon was very successful and had raised over MVR 14 million for Palestine.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 June 2024, MVT 12:51
Palestine telethon-PSM-TVM
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 June 2024, MVT 12:51

State media PSM's 'Palestine Aa Eku Dhivehin' [Maldivians with Palestine] telethon held yesterday has raised over MVR 14 million in aid.

PSM said today that the telethon had received over MVR 14 million through donation boxes placed across the region, online transfers and donations received through island councils.

Crowe Maldives LLP, appointed as independent auditors to duly hand over the funds to Palestine, had assumed the task of tallying the funds received from donation boxes early this morning. Coordinating with Bank of Maldives (BML), cash deposits into the account designated for the telethon is also currently ongoing.

Palestine Telethon-PSM-TVM

Managing Director of PSM, Zeena Zahir said today that the funds counted in the presence of audit oofficials was handed over to BML employees to deliver to the bank.

"BML and audit officials were present as the money was counted. As coins need to be delivered to MMA (Maldives Monetary Authority) to be counted, that process has also already begun. After taking the coins to MMA, they will be changed into cash and deposited." said Zeena, highlighting that the procedures of the telethon will remain transparent.

This telethon was held under President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's initiative, and ran from 08:00hrs to 00:00hrs yesterday.

Palestine telethon-PSM-TVM

Zeena had further highlighted that some were faced with difficulties in making online transfers after 18:00hrs yesterday, stating that the duration for online transfers has been therefore extended until 18:00 hrs today.

PSM stated that dollar deposits (USD) can be made to 7730000655866 and local currencies (MVR) can be transferred to 7730000655865.

"As some island councils were also faced with difficulties in making transfers, we extended the chance until 12:00 hrs in this afternoon. But commitment letters were also obtained from these councils. [We] have received 22 commitment letters signed with councils and some companies. This is also adds up to around MVR 6 million." said Zeena.

Zeena said that this telethon was highly successful and emphasized that many had taken the initiative to participate in the cause.

Various SOEs, State organizations, schools, companies, and individuals had also donated to the cause through this nation-wide telethon. PSM said earlier that MVR 1.8 million was received in the first six hours alone.

The largest donation was by MNDF, with MVR 2.1 million. The second largest single donation was from STELCO staff, MVR 500,000.

PSM said that the funds will be handed over to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). They said that Crowe Maldives will independently audit all the funds.

Thirteen donation boxes were placed at various locations around Male' until 18:00 hrs yesterday. Some of these boxes also received donations over MVR 100,000.

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