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Hiyala group releases music video 'Boakibanbaa' for Eid-Al-Adha

Hiyala Group releases a song 'Boakibanbaa' for Eid which tells the story of a young girl experiencing her first game of 'Boakiba Foruvun', a traditional local sport played during Eid.

Aishath Shuba Solih
12 June 2024, MVT 12:23
Dancers of Hiyala Group. -- Photo: Hiyala Dance Group
Aishath Shuba Solih
12 June 2024, MVT 12:23

Hiyala Dance Group of Noonu atoll capital island, Manadhoo located in the North Province of Maldives has released a special song named 'Boakibanbaa' on occasion of the coming Eid-Al-Adha.

This music video features scenes of islanders enthusiastically attempting to hide 'Kulhi Boakiba' or tuna rice cake which is a highly popular traditional Maldivian dish among locals. The game, 'Boakiba Foruvun' or 'Hiding the Boakiba' is a traditional sport for both men and women that is still played in some islands during Eid celebrations.

Dancers of Hiyala Group. -- Photo: Hiyala Dance Group

Much like its name, men attempt to steal the Boakiba prepared and hidden by women on Eid morning. If women manage to protect the treats until Breakfast, they win the game, and if they do not, the men triumphs and eats the snacks.

The video follows a five-year old girl experiencing her first Boakibanbaa with her sisters assisting her every step of the way; from preparing the local dish to protecting it from the men.

Manager of Hiyala Group, Ahmed Abdulla stated that a month was spent to compose the song's audio after which another week was spent on video shoots, which were then edited by local videographer Ibrahim Sujau, widely known by his Instagram handle, 'raajethere'.

The song was written by Assistant Manager of Hiyala Group, Abdulla Shahid while all audio work of the song was managed by visual and digital medium producer, Ehkaaf Studios.

Dancers of Hiyala Group. -- Photo: Hiyala Dance Group

The traditional clothing worn in the video were designed by a Hiyala Group dancer, Aishath Suiza and the neckline of the Dhivehi Libaas, the cultural dress of Maldivian women shown in the video was made by local Manadhoo clothing store, Lulee's.

Hiyala group typically compiles and publishes a song, featuring all their dancers for Eid each year. The song Boakibanbaa released a day ago was sung by the renown Maldivian singer, Mariyam Ashfa.

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