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Expansion of Funadhoo's airport and improvement to services offered by Shaviyani atoll hospital

The president has assured the people of Sh. Funadhoo that their airport will be expanded and developed. Further stating that refining the hospital is a higher priority, he assured the availability of all necessary healthcare services following improvements.

Aishath Shuba Solih
28 February 2024, MVT 14:37
The people of Sh. Funadhoo welcoming the President Dr Mohamed Muizzu -- Photo: President's Office
Aishath Shuba Solih
28 February 2024, MVT 14:37

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated he will make efforts to expand the Shaviyani Atoll Funadhoo Domestic airport and improve the quality of healthcare services offered to the citizens by the island hospital.

Speaking at a ceremony held in the island during his visit there as part of his trip around the northern atolls of Maldives, the president asserted that the island of Funadhoo will be highly prioritized within the development projects commenced by the State and assured the implementation of pledges he had made to the island during his presidential campaign.

During the ceremony held to address the people of Sh. Funadhoo -- Photo: President's Office

The President had highlighted Funadhoo Airport’s space expansion alongside addition of flights, maintaining that the airport’s services must see improvements. He further remarked that the airport runway will also be expanded accordingly with the residential community’s wishes.

“Will develop and expand the airport as per the people’s requests,” the President said.

The airport that commenced operation during the administration of former President Abdulla Yameen presently extends approximately 1,200 meters in length.

The people of Sh. Funadhoo welcoming President Dr Mohamed Muizzu -- Photo: President's Office

Nevertheless, the President highlighted that the State will grant the highest priority to the development of the Shaviyani Atoll Hospital located in Funadhoo island during this time and ensured that the hospital will be transformed to provide all necessary acute care facilities.

Further maintaining that various projects inclusive of eco-tourism will be commenced in order to expand local tourism within the island and atoll, the President assured that the state will launch housing programs and harbor development projects, alongside land reclamation projects.