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Wide-scale project to build local council offices to commence within the year

The president acknowledges the worn-out buildings housing island councils which impedes the quality of the services provided to residents and assured to commence a project in 50 islands this year in order to build new council office buildings.

Aishath Shuba Solih
27 February 2024, MVT 11:53
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu deliberating with the Island Council of HDh. Makunudhoo -- Photo: President's Office
Aishath Shuba Solih
27 February 2024, MVT 11:53

Highlighting that many local councils are presently located in worn-out buildings, the President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that a project to construct new office buildings for these councils has been determined to ensue in order to improve the council’s services to the people.

Speaking to the residents of Haa Dhaalu Atoll Makunudhoo last night during his trip across the northern atolls, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu shared the most significant matter that came to his notice during this trip that also aims to meet with all atoll councils was their operations proceeding in very worn-out buildings.

The residential community of HDh. Makunudhoo welcoming President Dr Mohamed Muizzu upon arrival -- Photo: President's Office

The president had highlighted that very few contemporary buildings were allocated for the operation of councils within the preceding thirteen years since the council's formation which has obstructed facilitation of services for the people.

Therefore, assuring that a large project to construct new council buildings will be commenced within the year, he detailed that an investor-finance policy will established for the project as it is beyond the scope of the state budget.

“We will establish 50 island council offices within the first phase of this project,” the president assured.

During the ceremony held to facilitate President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's address of the HDh. Makunudhoo residential community -- Photo: President's Office

“With God’s will, we will launch the project simultaneously in 50 islands this year.”

President Muizzu had further remarked that the priority in nominating fifty islands for this project will be conferred to councils run within significantly damaged and confined buildings while facilitating services for a large population.

The president had pledged this development during the country’s Decentralization Day yesterday. He had assured that this administration will regard the councils with special attentivity and highlighted the establishment of a Ministry of Councils that was facilitated to cater to this aim.