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Presidential election will be even easier to win: President Solih

Lamya Abdulla
28 January 2023, MVT 22:56
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih celebrating winning MDP's primary election held on January 28, 2023 -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
28 January 2023, MVT 22:56

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Saturday evening that he will win the presidential election "even easier than this [MDP primary election]," while celebrating his monumental win in the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP)'s primary election held today.

Answering a question posed by Mihaaru News at the party hub, 'Dhandikoshi Jagaha,' President Solih said that it was clear that "Maldives was ready to go forward with him."

The preliminary results show that he is leading the election with a total of 62 percent of the votes that have been counted.

The election was held after weeks of intense campaigning by both President Solih and his opponent, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

"I am confident I will be able to win the Presidential election even easier than this, God willing," President Solih said.

He said the results of the competitive election shows that "the party had spoken".

"I was hoping for a double digit difference [in the results]. As it has gone to 60 percent, I believe this is a good win," he said.

When asked whether he would still maintain communication with his long term close friend and opponent in this election, President Solih said that his invitation would be extended to all.

President Solih will now be representing MDP in the presidential election that will be held on September 9, 2023.