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Nasheed's campaign event was not shortened due to a security risk: Police

Lamya Abdulla
27 January 2023, MVT 23:18
Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed speaking at campaign eveny held in Artificial Beach on January 26, 2023 -- Photo:
Lamya Abdulla
27 January 2023, MVT 23:18

The Maldives Police Service has said that Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed left the campaign event held on Thursday evening earlier than scheduled and not because there was a security risk.

Nasheed, who is contesting in the Maldives Democratic Party's (MDP) presidential primary on Saturday, left the area immediately after his speech at the rally held to conclude his campaign.

Several media outlets reported that the meeting was cut short due to security reasons as Nasheed abruptly left the location with his security personnel. When contacted, the police said they had confirmed that there was no such reason.

According to the police, neither the police nor the MNDF received any information about a threat to Nasheed's life. They said this was reported by the media without seeking a comment from the police.

While questions were raised about the reason for Nasheed's sudden ending of the campaign session, his campaign team has also said that this was the way the meeting was planned for this night.

Nasheed's security has been intensified after the May 2021 assassination attempt. A large number of security personnel accompanied him during the evening session. Supporters were also allowed into the meeting after being checked by security personnel.

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