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Apps you need before your trip to Maldives!

Apps to download before your trip to Maldives by Aminath Ishrath

22 September 2021, MVT 13:02
Image courtesy to Ahmed Hassaan, Hawk Photography Studio.
22 September 2021, MVT 13:02

It is 2021 and time to travel smarter. With the best tool in our pocket, holiday planning should be much smoother and stress free now. These are our picks for the apps you must have before planning a trip to the sunny side. You might have these already or might need to download one or two.


This is a must have no matter where you go. For the best flight deals, fare comparisons, stop-over timings and airline updates, Skyscanner is the most trusted app out there. In this current time of travel uncertainty, Skyscanner provides useful blog posts with updates such as PCR or quarantine requirements for key destinations and countries that are removed from red lists. Hit that download button before booking your flight!


Packing is serious business. When travelling to the Maldives and staying on a remote island, it always helps to make sure you have everything you need when you arrive. PackPoint is a great app to make sure you arrive at your destination ready. This app shows you what to pack based on the weather, duration and activities of your holiday. Whether it is your favourite sunscreen or a universal adaptor, make sure everything important is checked and you are beach ready. and Airbnb

Even if you are booking your stay through a travel agent or other channel, it is very helpful to have these apps before you travel to Maldives. Guest reviews are a great way to choose between few options if you are feeling indecisive and it always helps to see what others have experienced when travelling to the same place. Airbnb is also gaining much popularity in Maldives and cosy homes or apartments for rent especially in Hulhumale’ and local islands can be easily found here.


From hotels to restaurants and tours, Tripadvisor is a go to spot to discover recommendations and unique tips of your chosen destination. If you are arriving to the Maldives, it could be helpful to know which are the best villas on the island or which side of the beach is the best during a specific season. Some travelers also share villas numbers and best sunrise/sunset spots on the islands. Always handy in our opinion!

Avas Ride

If you are in Maldives and looking to drop by the capital city for a tour or some shopping, Avas Ride is a helpful friend. This app is the most convenient one to connect drivers and passengers in Male’ and Hulhumale’ city. From taxis to private cars and vans, the app is just 3 clicks away from booking your ride.

Messenger apps

The most common messenger apps in Maldives are Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram. It would be very helpful to have one of these apps on your phone since this is slowly becoming one of the most common ways to communicate and share documents as well. If you are staying in a hotel or resort, it is likely that you will be using one of these apps to communicate with the hotels’ concierge or your personal butler in some cases. Chat away!

Nike Training Club

If travel is a more common part of your life, it only makes sense to keep our fitness in check along with it. Enter Nike Training Club! When you are on the go, this app helps to keep your runs on track, continue customized home workouts, complete guided training programs for users of all levels and even benefit from nutrition and recovery tips in the form of blog posts.


This is a great app to have on hand for airport lay overs, longer flights and transfers. Travelling can sometimes be stressful and trigger anxiety in some people, especially if you are travelling long haul to a tropical destination for the first time. With skills for meditation, sleep stories, relaxing music and even masterclasses taught by experts, Calm is the perfect friend to have when you need to take a deep breath and ground yourself.


We do not mean to take you away from all the holiday activities planned, but it is always good to be prepared for a rainy day. Yes, even in the Maldives. Island internet can sometimes be challenging, and it is smart to have some of your favourites shows, movies or documentaries already downloaded on Netflix to watch offline. Netflix on the go, on the beach or in your private villa!

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