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69 percent tested positive for type A Influenza: HPA

Shaina Abdulla
29 May 2018, MVT 12:36
Precautions during last year's flu epidemic
Shaina Abdulla
29 May 2018, MVT 12:36

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that 69 percent of inpatients have tested positive for type A Influenza.

According to HPA, only inpatients were tested for the flu out of which 69 percent tested positive for Influenza A virus subtype H2N3.

The statement by HPA further revealed that 6,669 people were treated for Influenza last week, which is the highest number of weekly consultations during this flu epidemic.

In cases of flu, HPA advised people to use handkerchiefs or tissues to cover the nose and mouth while sneezing, dispose of used tissues safely, and to practise hygiene. The agency also urged patients to refrain from mingling with crowds, to avoid children, pregnant women and the elderly, and to protect children from cigarette smoke.

Highlighting the changes in meals and eating during the fasting month of Ramadan, HPA has also urged people to wash their hands before handling food, to cook meat well, and to freeze and reheat leftovers. The agency also stressed the importance of properly washing fruits and vegetables that are consumed raw.

In mid-May, HPA had warned of dengue, flu, viral fever and influenza outbreaks across the Maldives.

96 cases of dengue were reported across the Maldives last week. HPA has assured that the spread of dengue is on the decline.