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Aim to commence flat handover next week: Housing Minister

Housing Minister has assured that all 824 eligible flats as determined by the ACC will begin being distributed next week after verifying the applicant. He said that an independent committee will be formed to proceed with the distribution.

Aishath Shuba Solih
14 February 2024, MVT 08:57
Housing Minister, Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed
Aishath Shuba Solih
14 February 2024, MVT 08:57

Housing Minister, Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed attended the meeting of the Committee on National Development and Heritage at the parliament today and addressed the developments on issuance of the housing flat under the “Gedhoruveriya” scheme.

Speaking at the committee, he said that preparations have commenced to begin issuance of the housing flats to their rightful recipients next week and shared that the final list sent by the ACC after analyzing the list of 4000 flat recipients determined by the former government rules 824 recipients as eligible.

Dr. Haidar stated that the list shared by ACC only includes the names of the recipients and their form numbers with no further information. As the Gedhoruveriya portal is currently only accessible to the ACC, the ministry is presently unaware of any additional details about the list, he said.

He ensured that with the transfer of access to the Housing Ministry, they will begin efforts to distribute the flats after verifying the information of the eligible recipients discerned by the Commission.

“We are estimating that the work [of providing flats to their eligible recipients] will commence next week. That is based on the information by ACC that the access will be transferred in two to three days,” said Dr. Haidar.

“Once we receive access to the portal, we will analyze and find out who the [eligible] recipients are and call the recipients to proceed the work of distributing the flats.”

Dr. Haidar further stated that an independent committee will be formed to begin the distribution of the flats to their final recipients as soon as the access to portal is transferred. He explained that the delay in access transfer is due to the unconcluded investigation of the ACC. The minister had not yet revealed further details on the independent committee nor their members.

Dr. Haidar estimated the distribution of all 824 flats to conclude within two weeks.

The list of recipients for the “Gedhoruveriya” scheme was released two days before the end of the former government’s term which had prompted the Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) to halt the distribution in accordance to the list. Following two months of investigation, the committee found that 60 percent of the 4000 listed recipients had not met the eligibility criteria. The flats devoid of any faults were 20.7% while 19.7% of the applications had misinformation in their forms despite passing the criteria.