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Bodumas Gallery: celebrating art and inspiring creativity

Ruby Amir
23 June 2023, MVT 16:46
Ruby Amir
23 June 2023, MVT 16:46

"Art is there, art is happening and we need to spread the word," Justine Rainer, Assistant Director, Bodumas Gallery.

With Eid just around the corner, the opening of Bodumas Gallery comes at an opportune time. Inspired by the festive Maldivian tradition of Bodumas, the gallery is an expansion of Art Gallery Malé, established in 2019. Its aim is to provide a platform for local and international artists to exhibit their work in a captivating and spacious setting. Located in the vibrant Marina at Crossroads, Bodumas Gallery is poised to become a cultural hub, inviting visitors to delve into the captivating world of art.

Bodumas Gallery aims to go beyond mere exhibitions by fostering a deeper connection between artists and art enthusiasts. In addition to displaying a diverse range of artwork, the gallery plans to organize interactive workshops, artist talks, and community events. By actively engaging the public in artistic endeavors, Bodumas Gallery seeks to inspire creativity, promote cultural exchange, and elevate the appreciation of art within the Maldivian community and beyond.

This multifaceted approach sets the gallery apart, creating an inclusive and dynamic space where art can be both admired and experienced firsthand.

The intricately woven "Bodumas" can be seen floating gracefully in the corners of the gallery, setting a celebratory tone to admire art. The gallery aims to create an immersive experience for visitors, where they can encounter exceptional artworks that evoke emotions and spark conversations.

In line with this vision, Bodumas Gallery actively encourages artists, both established and emerging, to reach out with their portfolios, offering them a platform to showcase their talents. By providing exposure to artists who have never had the opportunity to exhibit their work before, the gallery aims to empower and uplift the local art community.

Bodumas Gallery recognises the significance of promoting Maldivian art on the global stage. By nurturing and supporting local artists, the gallery aspires to elevate the profile of the Maldivian art scene in international circles. Through collaborations, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, Bodumas Gallery seeks to amplify the voices of Maldivian artists and contribute to the growth and recognition of their artistic contributions worldwide. By spreading the word about the thriving art scene in the Maldives, the gallery plays a pivotal role in expanding the horizons of artistic appreciation and understanding.

The grand opening of the gallery features the exhibition "Collect/ed" which showcases pieces of 13 different artists, representing a harmonious blend of local and international perspectives. The gallery proudly presents a curated selection of captivating works by artists Mary Halym, Saali, Sabina Manik, Ahmed Nadeem, Vishal, Tony Seker, Ehab Abdulla, Jenny Keith, Nina Manik, Artslashabstract, Samah Ahmed, Mariyam Omar, and Maena.

With each piece thoughtfully curated and placed throughout the gallery, visitors are invited on a visual journey that traverses diverse artistic styles, mediums, and themes.

"Collect/ed" becomes a testament to the gallery's commitment to displaying exceptional talents and fostering creative dialogue. This inaugural exhibition sets the stage for Bodumas Gallery to become a vibrant destination that not only celebrates art but also serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange, inspiration, and appreciation.

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