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Russia leads tourist arrivals to Maldives with over 50,000 visitors

Mohamed Rehan
15 March 2023, MVT 12:08
Tourists visiting Male' City--
Mohamed Rehan
15 March 2023, MVT 12:08

Russia continues to be the leading source market for the Maldives with over 50,000 arrivals since the beginning of this year.

According to recent statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, total tourist arrivals to the Maldives have reached 428,817 as of March 13, which is a 24 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022. Last year, tourist arrivals for the same period stood at 345,742.

The ministry reported that the total arrivals from Russia by the review date stood at 53,297 which is 12 percent of the total tourist arrivals to the Maldives so far in 2023.

Top 10 Source Markets

1. Russia: 53, 297 arrivals, 12.4 percent

2. India: 46,400 arrivals, 10.8 percent

3. UK: 40,143 arrivals, 9.4 percent

4. Italy: 38,902 arrivals, 9.1 percent

5. Germany: 28,966 arrivals, 6.8 percent

6. France: 19,286 arrivals, 4.5 percent

7. USA: 17,530 arrivals, 4.1 percent

8. China: 12,835 arrivals, 3.0 percent

9. Switzerland: 10,109 arrivals, 2.4 percent

10. Poland: 7,848 arrivals, 1.8 percent

The operational capacity of the Maldives tourism industry is a combined total of 60,236 beds.

Tourist Accommodation (Operational)

- 168 resorts with a total bed capacity of 41,049

- 13 hotels with a total bed capacity of 1,640

- 891 guesthouses with a total bed capacity of 14,588

- 153 safari vessels with a total bed capacity of 2,959

The Maldives government announced an annual tourist arrival target of 1.8 million. Based on the current tourist arrival momentum, the annual arrival total may exceed the target by the end of 2023.

Earlier, the Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom said tourist arrivals will likely boost by 10 percent from the projections with the resumption of Chinese arrivals.

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