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Italy takes top source market spot with over 17K arrivals

Mohamed Rehan
06 January 2023, MVT 10:19
[File] Tourist arrivals in the Maldives
Mohamed Rehan
06 January 2023, MVT 10:19

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the top tourist market to the Maldives so far in 2023 is Italy with 3,437 arrivals. This makes up for 19.8 percent of the total arrivals in annual terms.

As of January 3, the total number of arrivals to the Maldives is 17,344.

The daily arrival total for Sunday, January 1 was recorded at 4,625 while 6,487 arrivals were recorded on Monday, January 2 which also marked the highest single-day arrival recorded so far this year. The ministry further confirmed a daily arrival total of 6,232 for Tuesday, January 3.

While Italy ranked first, Russia is a close second with 2,974 arrivals so far with 17.1 percent of total arrivals. Last year’s top source market India, is currently ranked third with 1,155 arrivals, which is 6.7 percent of total arrivals.

Top 10 Markets of 2023

01. Italy: 3,437

02. Russia: 2,974

03. India: 1,155

04. UK: 959

05. Germany: 945

06. USA: 794

07. Kazakhstan: 501

08. France: 415

09. Switzerland: 411

10. Sweden: 362

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