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LITUS National Billiard Championship; reigning mixed champions defend title

Mohamed Rehan
14 November 2022, MVT 18:21
Ali Fayaz and Dheena; the reigning mixed-doubles champions of the first National Billiard Championship defended their title at the LITUS National Billiard Championship 2022-- Photo: MPBA
Mohamed Rehan
14 November 2022, MVT 18:21

The reigning champions in the mixed-category, defended their title at the LITUS National Billiard Championship 2022 under the 'Mixed Doubles' category.

The pair, Ali Fayaz and Dheena won their first mixed-doubles title at 2021's debut National Billiard Championship. They defended their title competing against Hussain Fayaz and Aminath Faathee.

The reigning champions gained victory with a 7-6 frame.

Moreover, the pair the game's lead with wins at the first three frames. The opponent pair managed to land a frame win following this.

Ali Fayaz and Dheena's pair were leading with a 5-2 frame, but their opponents managed to reach an equalizer at 5-5. Hussain Fayaz and Faathee's pair managed two consecutive wins after the reigning champions took initial three frames.

The pairs went against each other at the Winner's Bracket semis. Ali Fayaz and Dheena secured their finals with a 5-4 frame win.

Hussain Fayaz and Faathee, who lost at the winner's bracket, competed at the loser's bracket against Hassan Shaz and Aminath Azra, landing a 5-4 frame win, and securing their spot in the finals.

On the other hand, Shaz and Azra advanced to the semis after defeating Ahsan Hashim and Aishath Ali at the playoffs with a 5-3 frame.

The championship proceeded on a double-elimination basis. A total of 10 pairs competed in the mixed doubles category.

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