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Speaker hopeful of continued MDP progress under new Chairperson

Mohamed Rehan
16 May 2022, MVT 13:11
(FILE) Mohamed Nasheed in Shaviyani Komandoo on February 3, 2022: even though Nasheed was against Economic Minister Fayyaz during the campaign period, he has stated his certainty in the newly elected MDP Chairperson's ability to lead the party -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
16 May 2022, MVT 13:11

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, one of the founders of ruling Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), congratulated the party's new Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail.

Nasheed has congratulated Economic Minister Fayyaz, who managed a landslide win against his rival MP for North Maafannu constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy at the Chairperson elections, after heavily criticizing him during the campaign.

Fayyaz managed to garner 58 percent of the votes at the Chairperson's elections whereas Fahmy, who was unofficially endorsed by Nasheed had managed to garner 42 percent of the votes.

While congratulating the new Chairperson, Nasheed voiced his certainty of Fayyaz's leadership conduct.

According to Nasheed, the ruling party is guaranteed further success and progress under the new Fayyaz's leadership as the party's new front man.

Though Nasheed's statements have changed in nature following Fayyaz's win, during the campaign, the Parliament Speaker had placed heavy criticism and even allegations of thievery and corruption on Fayyaz.

Moreover, there had been speculation within the ruling party over possibility of Nasheed being ousted from MDP if Fayyaz wins the election.

Upon questioned by local media Mihaaru about the possibility of cooperating with Nasheed in the future after a bitter rivalry during the campaign, Fayyaz responded that the Parliament Speaker was someone who enjoys working with others.

Furthermore, the newly elected Chairperson assured that he will keep any personal differences aside and will work professionally with everyone in the party, including Nasheed.

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