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Al Shaali Marine: quality boats for all

Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 December 2016, MVT 09:31
An Island Hopper 50 boat of Al Shaali Marine. PHOTO/AL SHAALI MARINE MALDIVES
Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 December 2016, MVT 09:31

In an island nation like the Maldives, where roughly 99 percent of the geographical makeup is vast ocean, the main mode of transportation is by way of sea. As such, boat building is an archaic industry in the Maldives that has developed and transformed over time.

Maldivians have horned the skills of building marine vessels throughout the centuries. The most important features of a boat include the safety of its crew and passengers along with its design for accommodation, quality of material and streamlining for easy and swift travel.


One of the finest examples of such boat building craft is the “Island Hopper 50” brand launched by the local boat building firm Al Shaali Marine Maldives. Constructed out of fibreglass, the 50 foot long boat’s interior and other designs make it ideal for various activities such as diving excursions, recreation, game fishing and commercial transport.

The Island Hopper 50 boats are currently used all across the archipelago, employed by luxury resorts and diving centres as well as ferry operators. Each and every boat is unique, its design customised according to the wishes of the consumer.

“The singular features of this boat are its quality and stability. Created with top quality materials and made out of 100 percent fibre, it also has great speed,” said Al Shaali Marine’s Operations Manager Ismail Shareef.

Awards given to Al Shaali Marine for the Island Hopper 50.

The Island Hopper 50 has been widely recognised in the local marine industry. The local safari cruise operators, Liveaboard Association of Maldives (LAM), had awarded Al Shaali Marine the Best Production Fibre Vessel prize for the Island Hopper 50.

In the wake of this accomplishment, Al Shaali Marine is now in the midst of designing a speedboat targeting the guesthouse industry. The 24 foot long speedboat is designed for activities such as excursions and night fishing. Al Shaali Marine plans to unveil the new product this month, which provides an economical option for those facing financial challenges in acquiring top grade speedboats and marine vessels.

“Our aim is to provide speedboats to as many parties as possible, especially those that manage guesthouses,” said Shareef.

A boat of Al Shaali Marine out durong a diving excursion. PHOTO/AL SHAALI MARINE MALDIVES

Al Shaali Marine has also arranged installment payment methods via Bank of Maldives Ltd (BML) or Maldives Finance Leasing Company (MFLC) to facilitate easy purchase of its vessels.

Founded jointly by local firm Coastline Investments and Al Shaali Marine of United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s Al Shaali Group, Al Shaali Marine Maldives has been active in the island nation’s marine industry scene for over a decade. The company has created and released a string of quality marine vessels throughout these ten years, establishing their excellence and reliability among the local community.

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