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Nasheed: Reluctant to return to Maldives while attackers are at large

Lamya Abdulla
16 August 2021, MVT 13:02
(FILE) A photo Nasheed had uploaded on Twitter after he went to Germany for medical treatment for injuries sustained -- Photo: Twitter
Lamya Abdulla
16 August 2021, MVT 13:02

Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said he is hesitant to return to Maldives until everyone involved in his assassination attempt has been apprehended.

In a letter addressed to Vice Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdulla, Nasheed had said in addition to him, his family and supporters are also reluctant for him to return when his attackers are still at large. Therefore, he had requested to extend his leave for the moment.

However, he had assured that he would continue to carry out his work with her guidance and instruction.

"... I will continue to serve the parliament and the Maldivian state even if I am abroad," he had said.

He would continue to work with inter-parliamentary unions and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association's while he is still abroad. He added he would participate in Climate Vulnerable Forum to discuss matters regarding climate change as well.

Eva Abdulla said while the parliament members would like Nasheed to return and participate in the sessions in person, they do not want to see him be subjected to further dangers on his life either.

An IED attached to a motorcycle outside his home exploded on May 6, injuring Nasheed and several others. Nasheed is currently in the United Kingdom getting medical treatment for injuries sustained on his attacks.

Bench comprising three judges formed for Nasheed's case

Criminal Court has formed a bench comprising of three judges to conduct the trial.

While Criminal Court's media official Hassan Saamil had confirmed to Mihaaru news that a bench has been formed, he did not disclose the members in it.

Ten people had been arrested in connection to the terror attack. However, the state has pressed charges against only four people so far; Adhuham Ahmed, Mujaz Mohamed, Thahmeen Ahmed, and Ali Haisham.

Mihaaru news had also verified that the Criminal Court is planning to conduct hearings next week for this case. The first hearing will be for Adhuham, who had pleaded guilty for the charges pressed against him, and had reached a settlement agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO).

The hearings for the remaining accused will be conducted after Adhuham's hearings are completed.

Adhuham is accused of detonating the IED attached on the motorcycle remotely. The state accuses Mujaz for aiding Adhuham to flee the scene and Thahumeen is the owner of the motorcycle that was exploded for their attack. Haisham had participated in attaching the bomb on the motorcycle and his DNA is present on the exploded remains of the bomb.