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Everything Red: revolutionising Maldives with mobile commerce

Fathmath Shaahunaz
21 December 2016, MVT 14:58
Everything Red team poses for a picture. PHOTO/EVERYTHING RED
Fathmath Shaahunaz
21 December 2016, MVT 14:58

With exponential advancements in the world in recent years, the Maldives has also been caught in the tide of new technology with local units stepping up to the challenge. One of the most notable Maldivian crews responsible for bringing various mobile phone technology services to our fingertips is “Everything Red”, the leading mobile commerce developer in the Maldives that celebrated its first year anniversary on December 20.

The main aim of Everything Red is to establish user friendly online platforms for customers that provide access to various services via smartphones. From making doctor’s appointments and mobile money payments to ordering take-out from restaurants, Everything Red provides some of the easiest mobile commerce services to Maldivians.


Poster for FoodHub

The flagship service launched by Everything Red, FoodHub is a mobile application for locals to order take-out online. The FoodHub network connects a wide range of local restaurants and cafes with customers, who can order food or make reservations directly via the app. This was part of the beginning of e-commerce in the Maldives.

FoodHub was the very first application launched in the Maldives that provides food and beverage services through mobile phones. Designed to accommodate over 4,000 restaurants and other eateries in the archipelago, the app currently features nearly all the renowned restaurants of the Maldives while thousands of consumers use its services. Restaurants can also conduct their promotions on the platform.

In addition to FoodHub, Everything Red has also introduced a special app that allows customers to make doctors’ appointments via their smartphones. Customers can check doctors’ schedules, token numbers and patient records through this app.


Launching ceremony of TrendingRed

In a day and age where the majority of people depend on their smartphones to keep up with news, Everything Red launched the mobile app Trending Red, which allows users to browse all the online local newspapers on a single platform. In addition to the Trending Red’s website, Everything Red also introduced the app on both Android and Apple.

Top Up is a mobile app that allows users to easily deposit money on their phones. Already a popular app among the locals, Top Up also provides other services to customers such as depositing data, game cards and gift cards.

Message Owl

The innovative Message Owl mobile app is specially designed for large companies such as corporate businesses and schools. The app allows users to send bulk texts to people in their network simultaneously.

Launching ceremony of FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU

This mobile app is the ultimate shortcut to booking doctor’s appointments. Everything Red created in collaboration with Digital Health, a joint venture founded by Dialog and Asiri Hospitals of Sri Lanka, and Inova IT Systems of Sri Lanka. Through this app, users can make doctor’s appointments and payments at eleven of Sri Lanka’s largest hospitals, including Asiri Hospitals, Nawaloka Hospitals, Durdans Hospital, Ninewells Hospital and Union Hospital. The pioneering of digital health in the Maldives, is a convenient and time-saving app for Maldivians that often go abroad to neighbouring Sri Lanka for medical treatment.

“The opportunity to provide a better future for Maldivians with such a capable local team at my side is a source of great pride,” declared Everything Red’s CEO Mohamed Rifau.

“We’re working to find a better tomorrow for Maldivians through modern technology, and digitalise the Maldives.”

With a year’s repertoire of successful accomplishments as testimony to their determination and capability, Everything Red is looking forward to a bright future with even greater technological services via mobile commerce.