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Ramadan Treats: Boakuri Bambukeyo (Candied Breadfruit)

Ramadan Treats is a segment covering personally loved recipes from the public, some of whom chose to remain anonymous. We bring you these recipes as they are made with love, and care, and bound to be a special treat this Ramadan.

02 April 2024, MVT 15:37
Boakuri Bambukeyo
02 April 2024, MVT 15:37

"Bambukeyo is just simply heavenly regardless of how it's made"


1 breadfruit (bambukeyo)

2 cups sugar

2 3-inch pieces of pandan leaf (ran'ba faiy)

1/2 cup water


- This is not part of the actual recipe, but if you're handling bambukeyo, oil your hands, oil the knife!

- Peel and core the breadfruit

- Cut the breadfruit into bite-sized chunks measuring about an inch long

- Place a pot on the stove at medium heat. Add water, breadfruit and the ran'ba leaves and cook until the breadfruit becomes soft.

- Remove the ran'ba leaves

- Reduce flame to low

- Add in the sugar

- Mix everything together well with a spatula

- Keep cooking until the breadfruit mix becomes thick, cooking for a longer time on low heat will yield better results than trying to hurry things along

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