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Addu City Council approves MVR 136 mln budget for 2021

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2021, MVT 17:50
Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodiq (Sobe') speaking at an event. PHOTO: ADDU CITY COUNCIL
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2021, MVT 17:50

Addu City Council revealed that a budget of MVR 136 million was approved for this year.

According to a statement released by the council, the budget was passed on January 7 and was approved by Addu City's Mayor Abdulla Sodiq.

It was also revealed that relevant details pertaining to the budget were shared accordingly with the Local Government Authority (LGA).

In the monitoring report, under budget recommendations, the council has requested for the present-day "special duty allowance" to be discontinued in favour of making new arrangements to provide an overtime allowance.

Additionally, they requested that five percent of the monthly grant provided by the government to the council be allotted to the council's Women Development Committee (WDC).

The budget for 2021 includes the MVR 11.6 million left from 2020's budget.

In their budget report, Addu City Council projected that an income between MVR 71 million and MVR 59 would be needed in the form of grants bestowed by the government.

The Council highlights that as a result of the negative economic repercussions brought forth by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, income for 2020 had suffered a great loss.