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Lost relics of Maldivian music, a revival playlist

Raif Amyl Jalyl
12 August 2019, MVT 09:00
A revival celebration of Maldivian songs, bringing melodies lost to obscurity back to the spotlight. ILLUSTRATION: RAE MUNAVVAR
Raif Amyl Jalyl
12 August 2019, MVT 09:00

The crux of all music is in telling a tale to rhythmic vibrations that attempt to tantalize the very heart and soul. A song is special in its unique ability to stimulate and mean something different to each individual.

Be romantic ballads, classical symphonies, or modern alternative rock progressions, the melodies can make your heart flutter, your soul ebb and flow in dance, evoking the deepest of feelings even in the most reserved.

Music is culture. Music is tradition. It is a celebration and it is mourning. A sign of rebellion, a medium for courtship, an expression of national pride, a marking of another birthday, cooing the little ones to slumber, the strengthening of one's resolve, the conveying of vulnerabilities, but music, most of all, is communication; a story.

A song can take you to a special place, bring back nostalgic memories, make you dance or make you weep depending on the life you breathed into its story, in your mind.

As many beautiful songs as we are spoilt with worldwide, Maldives too has a rich treasure-trove of beautiful melodies.

There are many songs much-celebrated locally, publicly. These songs are remembered, decorated - modern renditions are composed and readily available.

However, there are several beautiful compositions that have not stayed on stage, basking in the spotlight. These certain songs performed their art, bowed to applause, the curtains closed on them and they stepped away... seemingly lost into obscurity.

These 'lost relics' though no longer commonly heard, still retain every bit of their original capacity to titillate the senses.

The following can be regarded as a 'revival playlist' - compiling several of these aforementioned lost relics in time. Enjoy!


A song of courtship that begins at catching a glimpse of gold.


A declaration of love and gratitude the blessing of natural beauty. A plea to appreciate the pristine environment that makes up Maldives before it is gone.

Heyva Heyva

Popular singer Zoona sings the maternal mortality awareness campaign music video which turned into a musical phenomena in 2002.


A retro dance song that perfectly captures a glimpse into Maldives' wild past.

Ey loabivaa malaa

A serenade full of pastoral imagery to appeal your lover.

Dhonkanbulo nidhaalaashey

A father's lullaby to coo his child to sleep. Deeply rooted in nostalgic childhood memories.

Magey Male'

A nationalistic ode to capital city Male', two sailors conclude there's no place like home.

Insaaneke Mee Dhuniyegaa

A melancholic exploration of the frailty of the human condition.


This joyous upbeat promenade by '1984' boldly provides a unique offering to a genre that is rarely explored by Maldivians.

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