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Kaimoo properties win HolidayCheck Special Award 2021

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2021, MVT 18:42
An areal photo of Summer Island Maldives. PHOTO: ATOLL COMMUNICATIONS
An areal photo of Embudu Village Maldives. PHOTO: ATOLL COMMUNICATIONS
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2021, MVT 18:42

Kaimoo Hotels and Resorts, on Sunday, announced that of its two properties, Summer Island Maldives and Embudu Village, received a HolidayCheck Special Award for 2021.

Among the 13 resorts ranked as being the most highly desired in Maldives, Summer Island placed third, while Embudu Village came in at a humbler 11th place.

Both properties landed the award in 2020 as well, with Summer Island also earning a Gold Award that year.

However, due to the repercussions that arose across the globe due to the pandemic COVID-19, this year's Gold Awards were not issued.

Every year in January, HolidayCheck, Germany's biggest online booking and review portal, bestows prestigious awards to destinations found to be the most popular among its tourist-base, within a particular country.

In apparent 'prelude' to the awards above, the two aforementioned Kaimoo properties were granted a Gold Certificate by Hotel Resilient in December 2020 for their exemplary health, safety and hygiene measures in place, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With an international presence, Hotel Resilient is a scientific benchmarking and certification body that targets resorts and hotels. Their Gold Certificate indicates that the specific resort or hotel has impeccable policies and protocols, that are actively in place to ensure the safety of the establishment's staff and guests alike.

The certification process includes a thorough assessment of all relevant policies and protocols as well as plans for treating an infected person.