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Anaara and husband, Adam wins parliament seats

Anaara Naeem and her husband, Adam Shafeeq has won their respective seats in the elections. Anara secured the Huraa seat while her husband has taken over her seat of the 19th parliamentary term, Makunudhoo.

Aishath Shuba Solih
22 April 2024, MVT 11:24
MP-elect for the Huraa Constituency in the 20th parliamentary term, Anara Naeem.
Aishath Shuba Solih
22 April 2024, MVT 11:24

Makunudhoo Constituency MP of the 19th parliamentary term, Dr Anara Naeem and husband Adam Shafeeq has secured seats in the 20th parliament's election.

Anara had contested in the ruling party, People's National Congress (PNC) primaries for the Kaafu atoll Huraa seat. However, being unable to secure the position at the primaries, competed in the parliamentary elections as an independent candidate endorsed by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and PNC.

Her current seat of the Makunudhoo Constituency was secured by her husband and construction businessman, Adam Shafeeq.

The interim results of the parliamentary votes indicates that Adam had acquired 1709 in the polls yesterday, defeating the Adhaalath Party candidate and former Minister of Home Affairs, Imran Abdulla by over a 600 vote difference.

Both Anara and her husband will be part of the 20th parliamentary term that will be inaugurated next month.

Married lawmakers operating in the 19th parliamentary term include Feydhoo Constituency's MDP parliamentarian, Rozaina Adam and her husband Mohamed Naashiz of the Kinbidhoo Constituency, also affiliated with MDP. Moreover, Parliamentarian of the Thulhaadhoo Constituency Hisaan Hussain and Hithadhoo's MP, Ibrahim Nazil are also a marital couple aligned with MDP.

While Naashiz was unable to succeed in the polls, Rozaina was defeated at the MDP primaries itself. Hisaan had refrained from partaking in the elections for the 20th parliamentary term.

Renowned businessman, Qasim Ibrahim and his youngest wife, Aishath Nahula had also competed in the parliamentary polls yesterday. Qasim had won his seat for the Maamigili Constituency. However, Nahula, who had vied for the North Hulhumale' constituency, was unable to secure the seat.

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