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Some ministers were denied approval to appease foreign parties: President

Mariyath Mohamed
26 February 2024, MVT 13:08
President speaks to the people in Haa Dhaalu Nolhivaranfalhu.-- Photo: President's Office
Mariyath Mohamed
26 February 2024, MVT 13:08

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has alleged that the opposition refused parliamentary approval for some members of his cabinet to appease certain foreign parties.

The parliament, which has an opposition majority, voted against approving three members of the President's cabinet. These three cabinet members are Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Dr Ali Haidhar, and Attorney General Ahmed Usham.

All three were promptly reappointed by the President and their names have been sent back to parliament for approval. The parliament is yet to decide on the matter.

Speaking in Haa Dhaal Nolhivaranfaru last night, the President said that the opposition had denied cabinet approval to please a foreign party, though he did not explicitly name which country he was referring to.

"We also receive information that some foreign party that has power over them [opposition parliamentarians] exerted influence to force them to refuse approval to some four cabinet members," the President alleged.

"They were telling our members too that there is no need to approve all the cabinet members. That we must, under any circumstances, get rid of two or three of them. This is the exact language they used," the President claimed.

The President emphasized that it is important to extend approval to a cabinet proposed by a President. He said that in the instance the ministers do not perform as per expectations, the parliament holds the power to dismiss them from their positions. To instead refuse them initial approval is baseless, as per the President.

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