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Suspected thief falls from building in trying to get away

An individual who was attempting to hide in a building, allegedly following a robbery, had fallen off the fifth storey of the building and is currently receiving treatment in IGMH.

Aishath Shuba Solih
25 February 2024, MVT 12:00
An expatriate performing his duties outside a building under unsafe conditions
Aishath Shuba Solih
25 February 2024, MVT 12:00

An individual who was attempting to hide, allegedly after a robbery, has fallen from the fifth storey of an apartment building and is presently receiving treatment.

An official from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital stated that the individual who had suffered the fall is receiving treatment for his injuries at the hospital's ER (Emergency Room).

"He is in Emergency, doctors are inspecting him at this time. The scale of his injuries will be identified following the inspection," the official stated.

As believed so far, this man had fallen from the fifth floor of an apartment building during attempts to flee from the authorities following his suspected robbery offence. The Maldives Police Service has not yet commented on this case.

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