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President confident of PNC securing parliament super-majority

Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 13:12
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at the ceremony held on Wednesday evening to open PNC's new office; at the ceremony, President Muizzu expressed confidence of securing parliament's super-majority-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 13:12

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed confidence that the ruling People's National Congress (PNC) would secure a super-majority in the upcoming parliamentary election.

President Muizzu made the remarks at the ceremony held on Wednesday evening, December 6, to open the new party office of PNC.

At the ceremony, Muizzu thanked everyone who supported and helped him win the presidential election. He also expressed confidence that the party would secure a super-majority in the parliament.

"This is just the beginning. You will bear witness to what this party goes on to achieve in the next election, with the first being the upcoming parliamentary election. This party will secure the super-majority," President Muizzu said.

President Muizzu described the effort as a national endeavor and added that every ally and collaborator would be treated equally.

Until the party's presidential election win, all of PNC's administrative work was carried out from its coalition partner, Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) office.

However, following Muizzu's victory, he relocated PNC's operations to a temporary office.

After the party secured the presidency, PNC began a vigorous campaign to enlist new members, culminating in the submission of membership forms from several thousand new members to the Elections Commission (EC) in November 2023.

PNC is currently aiming to become the largest political party in the Maldives, whereas until February 21, 2023, the party had a total of 3,159 members.

However, by the end of November, the party had submitted 12,000 new membership forms to the EC.

At the time when Dr. Muizzu was fielded as a presidential candidate through the PPM/PNC coalition, PPM was led by former President Abdulla Yameen.

However, Yameen had exited PPM to found his new People's National Front (PNF) only after a week into the new administration's inauguration.

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